Introducing: BadPutin NFT Charity Project

BadPutin NFT
4 min readMar 23, 2022
BadPutin NFT — First Ever Humanitarian-Charity NFT Project

The war between Ukraine and Russia has led to a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, with people leaving their homes and lives behind for safety. While millions are on the move, many are still stuck and facing a dire situation that does not seem to be improving. Such a situation requires external support and while there are many ways to help, we are creating a unique, first of its kind NFT-based charity project that aims to help those in need right now.

BadPutin is clearly a satirical move against the aggression that the Russian president Vladimir Putin has shown against its neighbor. However, it is also a unique NFT collection that you can own while also being a part of something good. With 10,000 NFTs available to mint for platform users and investors, we are creating a collection that will likely go down as one of the most “relevant to its time” NFT collections.

How We Intend to Help?

As with any NFT collection, the minting process and royalties are the direct source of income for us from this collection. We intend to use half the money accumulated from the success of this project (50% of all royalties and minting sales) and send it over to Ukraine.

It is worth noting that an effort of this nature and this scale has never been attempted before and our team is proud of playing an active humanitarian role in the current events. Of course, having these unique NFTs as assets is an entirely separate benefit for NFT holders on our platform.

BatPutin NFT Utility

As you would have imagined by now, the primary utility of the NFTs created in this project is to create a viable and hopefully recurring source of financial aid for the people of Ukraine. Following the news can easily give you an idea of the disasters that are happening there and clearly, there will be no such thing as “enough aid” for a long time, so the Bad Putin NFTs are just as much involved as any other effort.

The NFTs will also serve as a permanent reminder of the atrocious events unfolding right now in that region and you could hold a unique perspective on that history. Being able to participate as much as possible is also a concern for many people and that is why we will also be allowing multiple NFT purchases on each wallet.

As for the donation process, the proceeds that will be accumulated from minting and royalties will be going directly to the official cryptocurrency address of Ukraine. This means your donations will reach the people at the very top for maximum utility and aid. With the fiat currencies of Ukraine and Russia also taking a serious hit, an alternative like this would only increase in value over time.

Total Bad Putin NFTs, Special Events, and Pricing

The official collection is already prepared, and the project will be launching a total of 9999 NFTs over a short time. The first one will be minted directly from the contract. We realize how important time is in this situation, so dividing the sale over different sections with gaps is not intended.

The project intends to create a community pool where voting can happen to decide new causes for the 50% donation that will accumulate from royalties in the future. The company will also hold a massive raffle of 3000 whitelist spots to celebrate its launch.

A special event will also be held on Twitter for people who will tag the project owners with their NFTs to receive a special surprise. 5 people will be selected for this surprise, and it will be done completely at random. Other benefits will also continue to come for the growing of Bad Putin community over different periods of time.

The pricing is yet to be decided since we want to make sure that the price is set at a level that justifies the financials attached to the NFTs themselves while also making it possible to create a sizable pool of donations.

Availability and Purchasing

Purchasing the Bad Putin NFTs will be first possible for people who have whitelisted their wallets for the sale. If you want to join the sale, simply visit our website and click on the “JOIN OUR WHITELIST” button on top to join.

Since the price is yet to be decided, you will need to anticipate a decent amount for maximum participation. Speaking of which, each wallet holder will be able to mint a maximum of 10 NFTs per transaction. This is to make sure that maximum people can participate in the sale event.

Launch Period

The official launch of Bad Putin NFTs will be happening on the end of April 2022. This is when the NFTs will become available and not before that whatsoever. If you find any other sources offering stealth sales of the NFTs, you can consider them scams since we do not intend to hold any stealth launch and will share our collection with the entire public at the designated time. Details of the launch will also be available on our official website, Twitter, and Discord channel.

A major humanitarian crisis is at hand, and we strongly believe in the positive effect that this NFT collection can have on the people of Ukraine. Of course, this is only the beginning for us and as the community grows, we intend to take on new challenges and help solve new problems as they come along. If you are ready to become part of something bigger and positive, mark your calendars, whitelist your wallets, and prepare for the first NFT-based charity event ever!