Introducing: BadPutin NFT Charity Project

BadPutin NFT — First Ever Humanitarian-Charity NFT Project

How We Intend to Help?

As with any NFT collection, the minting process and royalties are the direct source of income for us from this collection. We intend to use half the money accumulated from the success of this project (50% of all royalties and minting sales) and send it over to Ukraine.

BatPutin NFT Utility

As you would have imagined by now, the primary utility of the NFTs created in this project is to create a viable and hopefully recurring source of financial aid for the people of Ukraine. Following the news can easily give you an idea of the disasters that are happening there and clearly, there will be no such thing as “enough aid” for a long time, so the Bad Putin NFTs are just as much involved as any other effort.

Total Bad Putin NFTs, Special Events, and Pricing

The official collection is already prepared, and the project will be launching a total of 9999 NFTs over a short time. The first one will be minted directly from the contract. We realize how important time is in this situation, so dividing the sale over different sections with gaps is not intended.

Availability and Purchasing

Purchasing the Bad Putin NFTs will be first possible for people who have whitelisted their wallets for the sale. If you want to join the sale, simply visit our website and click on the “JOIN OUR WHITELIST” button on top to join.

Launch Period

The official launch of Bad Putin NFTs will be happening on the end of April 2022. This is when the NFTs will become available and not before that whatsoever. If you find any other sources offering stealth sales of the NFTs, you can consider them scams since we do not intend to hold any stealth launch and will share our collection with the entire public at the designated time. Details of the launch will also be available on our official website, Twitter, and Discord channel.



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